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Pipe forming machine

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Down pipe is one of the elements of the rain ware system responsible for draining rainwater and meltwater from the roofs of buildings. 

From the roof, atmospheric precipitations goes into horizontal gutters, after by slope flows to the hoppers and falls into vertically installed drain pipes consisting of several main and connecting elements, as well as fasteners. Further, water enters the stormwater gutters or canals, and only then - into the drainage wells, ditches or sewers.
Company «Ruscana Engineering» develops and manufactures down pipe roll forming line for producing round and square pipes.
The complex of equipment for producing round down pipe includes:

  • Pipe forming machine.
  • Pipe crimping machine.

High production speed.
Production speed up to 15 rm/min.

Cantilevered decoiler.
Powerful cantilevered decoiler with drive and brake, with lifting capacity up to 3000 kg, for coil width of 50 ....460 mm.
Is intendant for feeding metal to the roll forming section. When the roll forming section stops, the feeding stops immediately. Due to brake the coil is fixed carefully on the shaft and does not unwind.

Transverse knife.
For the convenience of working with roll forming machine, a mechanical transverse knife is placed in the feeder section. There is no need in sized coil blanks. You can make the length of the final product you need by yourself.

Receiving table.
Is intendant to receive finished products. This table is specially designed in shape Y" for receiving pipe or gutter.

Automatic control system (ACS).
Automatic control system or ACS is based on hardware Omron (Japan) which meets reliable performance. The company «Ruscana Engineering» has developed a very user-friendly interface with various controlled parameters, such as: feeding speed, quantity/length of products, production task and many other. The system is also equipped with alarm and error indicators and support information as well as maintenance service information.

Quality components.
Quality electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components of the leading industry suppliers: spherical, self-centering bearing units (Askubal, Germany); hydraulic and pneumatic components (Made in Italy); electronic components (Omron, Japan).

The shafts of the rolling mill are made of solid rolled steel and is being heat treated and polished, which makes it possible to achieve a high resistance to deflection and to minimize beating.

Volume hardening of profiling rollers, allows to increase their life in 50 times

The rolling mill zone and drive mechanisms are covered with protective covers, which ensures safe working conditions and excludes direct entry of dust, moisture and foreign objects.

Competitive price.

The price of equipment is lower than European and North American manufacturers have for similar equipment.
Warranty and post warranty service.

We are ready to manufacture equipment according to the customer's individual order.

Raw material requirements

Light-gauge galvanized steel with polymer coating: polyester, plastisol
Zinc coating to range 100…275 g/m²
Yield strength 280…320 N/mm²

Coil thickness 0,45 mm up to 0,5 mm
Coil width 312,5 mm
General characteristics
Line operating mode semi automatic/automatic
Installed power capacity, no more than 13 kW
Roll forming speed, no more than 15 m/min
Supply voltage at frequency of 50 Hz 380 V
*Electrical supply network for countries of North America: Supply voltage at frequency of 60 Hz 230 V  3 phase
Dimensions (LxWxH),  no more  than 16500х2300х1500 mm (including receiving table)
Weight, no more than 5290 kg
Required operation personnel 1-2 persons
Line configuration
1. Decoiler
2. Preliminary punching module (integrated into roll forming section)
3. Roll forming section
4. Hydraulic system
5. Guillotine
6. Roller base receiving table (4 pcs.)
7. Automatic Control System (ACS)

pipe forming machine

  • Pipe forming machine
  • Pipe forming machine
  • Pipe forming machine
  • Pipe forming machine
  • Pipe forming machine